setIgnoreSeoLinks.php for Kaltura CE 5 Eagle

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently running a CE 5 edition of Kaltura until the main Ubuntu installer is released for the latest version.

In the interim, I’m looking for the setIgnoreSeoLinks.php for Eagle. If someone could post the script or PM me it would be much appreciated. It’s no longer available on the git hub (or I couldn’t find it for CE 5, the version I obtained seem to run from v9 onwards).

Thanks to all of the Kaltura team for their hard work. Kaltura is indeed impressive and especially so for open source.


Hey @acheckley1 - the script is still in the repository.
Quick search on github would pull it for you:

Btw - In newer versions this is somewhat obsolete, since it’s available as a feature in the Admin Console.