Script to purge deleted files

Anyone knows if there is in kaltura a script to execute manually which physically delete files that have been marked as deleted in DB? Or do I have to write my own one?`


Hi Roger,

There is this one: /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/scripts/batch/deleteOldContent.php
but please be careful when using it. It’s known to have some bugs. By default, it performs a dry run so the files are not deleted and the database is not affected. Please look at its intended actions carefully before calling it with -r.

Run with:
# php /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/scripts/batch/deleteOldContent.php -h
to get the usage message.

@jess does it mean that without running this “deleteOldContent.php” script the files are never really deleted (physically) even with “Purge files on deletion” enabled in the publisher configuration ?

Hi @luca.guindani,

This is a rather old thread… if you enable “Purge files on deletion” files associated with deleted entries will be removed from the content volume [/opt/kaltura/web/content].

ok perfect, thanks for the answer…