S3 Remote Storage and delivery profile not working


I am setting up S3 remote storage and delivery profiles via API for an existing partner within Kaltura, but I can’t seem to get playback to work. Using Kaltura v 9.19.4.

When I try to play the file I can see in the network developer tools the error:

X-Kaltura-App:exiting on error 25 - wrong query attributes, This format is unsupported

And the player just says that the Media was not found.

If you want I can show you the code used for creating the delivery profiles and remote storage profile.

Would appreciate any kind of assistance thanks.


Can you please run:
mysql> select * from delivery_profile;

If you don’t have data there, can you please run:
# php /opt/kaltura/app/deployment/updates/scripts/2014_05_27_create_delivery_profiles.php

It should fix it.