Running Kaltura standalone player with VPAID support

I am running site using VIMP platform.
I need to integrate my site player with the Liverail using VPAID.

This effectively means that I need to replace default VIMP player on my site with the one that supports VPAID (like Kaltura).

There is example Kaltura <> Liverail integration on the Liverail test site:
/player/index.php?player=kvpaid (

However it looks like it does use the Kaltura backend, I would like to use mine (Vimp), I would just expose video sources.

I’ve found this topic on Stackoverflow, but the answer does not cover the question in total:
/questions/24976968/building-kaltura-html5-video-player-with-adsupport-for-vast-vpaid (

a) How can I achieve that? Could you please send me some code examples or URLs to the docs / examples?

b) Which repository is valid the SVN:
/kalorg/html5video/trunk/mwEmbed (
or GIT: /kaltura/mwEmbed (

c) In both repositories I’ve found example:

On SVN the poster and src are out of date, but even if I replace them with valid sources, there is only black player with error: No source video was found

On GIT player does not show up, there is blank screen only, in browser console I can see:
kWidget: Kaltura HTML5 Version: 2.17.rc2 only

Thanks in advance, hope you can give some insights on my issue.


Our player requires use of the Kaltura backend. It cannot act independently,