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I’m trying to retrieve comments associated with a media Entry but I haven’t found a way yet.

I was thinking that all I have to do is to get the associated metadata of the entry, but that doesn’t seems to work. All I got by doing it this way was getting some custom metadata I have assigned to each entry and the comment’s count : <metadata><CommentsCount>2</CommentsCount></metadata>

Anyone can help me with this? Thanks


Indeed, the count is kept as metadata but the comments themselves are cuepoints.
You need something like:
service: cuepoint
action: list

This will list all comments for entry ID 0_1ojhouyn

Of course you can call get() or delete() or any other action.

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Hi Jess,

I’m using the code from here but while I get success there aren’t any comment displayed below the video entry.

What should I do to add a new comment to an entry ?

EDIT : I had success adding a comment to an entry using KalturaAnnotation. Can you please confirm if this Is the correct call for adding a comment ?

Right. For comments, the KalturaAnnotation should be used.

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hi and sorry for bothering again. While I assign the user id when I create a new comment with Annotation when I retrieve those comments using CuePoint service the user id field is always empty. Is there another way of getting the profile associated with the comment or is there something wrong in my code below :

            KalturaAnnotation annotation = new KalturaAnnotation();
            annotation.text = commentText;
            annotation.entryId = entryId;
            annotation.userId = getUserId();
            annotation.isPublic = KalturaNullableBoolean.TRUE_VALUE;


that’s for creating a new comment ( I can confirm getUserId() returns a valid user id ) and :

     for (KalturaCuePoint comment :client.getCuePointService().list(filter).objects){
          Log.i(TAG, "userId = " + comment.userId );

that’s for retrieving on a specific entry id.

Thanks again!


Which KS are you using when making these requests? Please see my reply here:

I’m using admin KS to make these requests.

I have the same problem with the kaltura iOS library. When I am trying to retrieve the comments, which are associated with a video, the userId is always nil for users created in application using the KalturaUserService.
I use the same services for retrieving comments as @mes do. I found that when the comment is added from a logged in user from media space the userId is not nil at KalturaCuePoint object but when the comment is added from a user created from the mobile app, by calling the KalturaCuePointService service, the userId is always nil.

Thanks in advance