Related with entryList


It seems there is a bug in the related plugin.
when using entryList insted of playlist id the first related entry shows up as a first related entry after
it was played already.

after that it works ok

any ideas how to fix this?


Please share your code and I’ll take a look.

The first entry id(0_e9fpfo0r) plays twice, after that it is ok.

Also, when the related playlist items has reached the last entry, it goes back to the first and keeps on playing that first for ever.

I found out where the problem line with that:
in updateTemplateData function:

if ( this.viewedEntries.length <= data.length ){
should be:
if ( this.viewedEntries.length < data.length ){

any suggestions on the first problem?

Thanks @benny_1 for reporting this. I will send this info to our QA team for verification and they will open a bug.