Related Videos>Related Entries Source

I am trying to display a “series” of videos that have multiple “episodes” in that series. I am displaying the first video in the series on my Drupal site and I want the ability for users to click on the related videos icon to show other episodes in that series (without displaying a playlist view).

Currently I have been creating multiple playlists of all the episodes in each series…then creating a custom player for each that uses the Related Video>related video source=playlist ID (and I’m choosing my playlist from the drop-down)
The fallback of this is that in Drupal (using the Kaltura Module) I cannot choose these players - the list is truncated) so I am looking for an alternative option.

What constitutes as a “related video”? In the Universal Player Look and Feel settings >Related Videos, there are three options. Ive tried the playlist ID option, with limited success…I;m interested in the RELATED TO ENTRY option. What does Kaltura signify as “related”??? Ive tried putting the series title in the title of each episode, but that does not always give me the correct results, Ive tried putting the title of the series in the tags and that doesn’t seem to work either.

Any suggestions? I’m stuck! thanks in advance :smile: