Real time analytics data on Front-End


Please suggest some method through which my analytics data,i.e., the number of plays/views of videos played through kaltura player can be updated in my front-end site in real time.


Hi Rahul,

This data cannot be displayed in real time has it takes time to process.
If you have very few plays, you can try to run the scripts under /etc/cron.d/kaltura-dwh at smaller intervals but either way, realtime it will not be.

Thanks Jess, I got it.

I am able to view all the analytics data reports except the live reports. There it is showing 0 plays.Please help.

Hi Rahul,

Are you using Kaltura Live Streaming? If not, then it is no surprise that it is empty, if you are, please check the logs to see what is being run.


Hello Jess,

Thnx for guidance, now i understand this as I am not using Kalura Live Streaming I am not getting it.