Random http notifications problems


We implemented a notifications web service that works very well. However, we notice that sometimes the notifications stop working. When we check the partner notifications configs through the KMC, they are disabled.

We haven’t figured out what’s going on.
Has anyone run into this kind of problems ?
Is there a way to force the http notifications or do I need an API call in order to keep them updated ?

Any help will be appreciated,


Hi David,

The Kaltura Server actually has two separate notification mechanisms [hooks].
The legacy one, which is available via the Flash KMC is deprecated and only supports sending basic info to a given endpoint (over HTTP[s]). It should not be used as it was obsoleted in favour of the new event notification mechanism a while back.
The new mechanism supports both HTTP[s] and email notifications but it cannot be configured via KMC, only via the Admin Console [Publishers->Your Partner->Profiles->Event notification] or by using the eventnotification set of APIs directly.

Please have a look at https://developer.kaltura.com/workflows/Integration_Scheduling_and_Hooks/Backend_and_Email_Notifications which is a step by step tutorial for using this API and includes full code samples for all the clients we support.

Assuming that you are using the new mechanism, if there’s an issue, the logs to look at are /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log and /opt/kaltura/log/batch/dispatcheventnotification-*log


Hello Jess,

I saw both notifications systems but configured only the deprecated one (kmc) :see_no_evil:

We already have configured the web service so I’l go through the Admin console.

Thank you for your help,