Problem with Player - No Source Video Was Found


We have a web app and we use the Kaltura Player to show our videos. Up until a few days ago we had a very high success rate when viewing videos, some where around 95%. Now the opposite has happened, we have a 95% failure rate. When we attempt to invoke the player via a URL the HTML iFrame displays with a dialog in the middle of the screen with “Error” in the title, and “No source video was found” in the body.

We wait for the Kaltura “Conversion” to complete. We’ve verified all the arguments in the player URL.

What further can we do to trouble shoot our problem?

Thanks for any help,

Please provide a sample URL and I’ll take a look.

Hi @Jess,

Here’s a URL for a video that was uploaded yesterday:

Thanks for taking a look,

You’re getting the error because there really isn’t an entry ID 1_7mve1n3m associated with partner ID 2299781.

If you replace with a valid entry from your partner, like say 1_t459arta:

You will see that it plays just fine.

Hi @jess,

I’ve figured out a workaround or a means of getting the player to play the media entry. The media entry / link above now works… Please feel free to test it. (The first 4 seconds of the video is just a black screen…)

The reason the media entry won’t play / the player displays “No source video was found” appears to be because we had associated a Category with the entry. Once I remove the Category (and wait several minutes… I guess something is cached??) the video plays correctly.

If I re-add the Category (again, wait several minutes), the player fails to play the media entry again.

We really have the business requirement of using Categories. Do you have any idea why having a category assigned would cause the player to fail?

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Hi @jess,

I thought I’d add the code snippet that sets the category id so you could take a quick look:
KalturaMediaEntry entry = new KalturaMediaEntry();
entry.mediaType = MediaClient.MEDIA_TYPE.VIDEO; = mediaName;
entry.description = mediaDescription;
entry.referenceId = uploadTokenId;
entry.categoriesIds = “74477431”;
KalturaMediaEntry result = mediaClient.getKalturaClient().getMediaService().add(entry);

Adding the entry works fine. Playing the video in the KMC works fine, we just get the “No source video was found” when attempting to use the Player URL.


Hi @jess & All,
I created an official support ticket with Kaltura and they were able to figure out what the problem was and provided the following solution:

When entries have categories listed in them that are related to MediaSpace they won’t be able to be played outside of MediaSpace because of enforced Entitlements that does not let entries be played outside of KMS platform.

To overcome this issue we can do one of the following:

  1. Creating a new, neutral category not related to MediaSpace and adding it to the entry.
  2. Remove the category related to MediaSpace.
  3. Publish the entry as unlisted in MediaSpace instead of keeping it Private.