Prevent video download

Is it possible to prevent users from downloading media by using the direct URL to the video file that is streamed from the Kaltura server? We are using access control right now with KS as advanced security. Still users are able to open their network-panel in their favorite-browser and from there see the direct URL to the video file on the kaltura-server. With that URL you are able to download the video, with or without the KS. This is an example of an URL you can get very easily by listening to the network traffic:

Nope, no answer yet :slight_smile:

Rikard, Kaltura doesn’t stream the video it serves per se, but it is downloaded and played by the player you are using (kdp, html5, vlc…).
A good way to prevent video download served by kaltura is, actually, to stream the video, but you can only do that with the proper software (red5, wowza, fms, etc.), and the proper configuration in Kaltura.