Please tell me how to set up live stream using Kaltura CE10 and Red5

It should be noted that the encoder uses the wire cast.

1, What is the live stream type to be set?
・Kaltura Live Streaming (HDS/HLS/DASH)
・Universal Streaming, Flas snd Mobile
・Manual Live Stream URLs

First of all, please tell me so far.
red5 test is successful.


For live streaming, you will need to use Wowza, Red5 is not supported.


Thank you very much.

Or cost of wowza occurs to do the live streaming?

Sorry, I did not understand the question… can you rephrase?


I followed all the directs up until the end when it is not clear what to do exactly. Since the variables it is telling you to uncomment are not in the file.

Edit @WOWZA_DIR@/conf/VHost.xml:

Uncomment /Root/VHost/HostPortList/HostPort with port 443 for SSL./Root/VHost/HostPortList/HostPort/SSLConfig/KeyStorePassword - set the password for your certificate file.

Do I just add this port as an admin or streaming connection with StreamLock enable? Then assuming I did all this configuration correctly. How exactly is Wowza intergrated into Kaltura now? I do not see how I will configure my live streams from my hardware based encoder into Kalutra using this intergration?

I see how to take static URLs and manually place them in Kaltura but not how to publish a live stream from the Wowza application created in the caption instructions and then stream that live feed through Kaltura.

Correct me if I am wrong but the only purpose of integrating Wowza is to allow the use of third party broadcasting software like FMIE to broadcast through Kaltura. This appears to be done by using a Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or compatible programs that can using the FMIE XML configuration file and broadcast from a desktop or compatible device.

Otherwise, I can just take the live stream links configured in Wowza which pull my live content from my static encoder links and paste them in Kaltura using the manual configuration option. If it is possible to do it another way it is unclear to me at this point. Basically, if I use the properly format. It appears it is even possible to post links directly from the encoder into Kaltura as well if the encoder can deliver the live feed in a compatible format.