PlayManifest caches results


I recently updated a Delivery Profile successfully, but when I request via the PlayManifest API, some entries produce the correct manifest while others produce the manifest according to the old Delivery Profile

I stopped httpd and kaltura-monit, made sure they were both indeed stopped, then ran

 rm -fr /opt/kaltura/app/cache/*

After restarting both services, I still got the same issue. I checked on different browsers and computers to make sure it wasn’t a browser caching issue, and also from a computer in a completely different network to discard proxy/cache servers. Is there another cache I should be clearing?

EDIT: Using Kaltura CE RPM v10.8.0-1 on CentOS 6.6

Try restarting memcache

PlayManifest API cache is stored in /tmp/cache_manifest/* and might also have something here too: /tmp/cache_v3-600/*

If you wish to use it we run this script:


rm -rf /tmp/cache_manifest/*
rm -rf /tmp/cache_v3-600/*
find /opt/kaltura/app/cache/ -type f -name ‘*.cache’ -exec rm -rf {} ;
service kaltura-monit stop
service httpd restart
service memcached restart
service kaltura-monit start

I hope that this will help you out.

That worked!

Thanks @oferc1 and @iddrew1.