Playlist - how to modify layout

When creating a vertical playlist with the video list at the bottom in the Universal Studio, the height allocated to the list (below the video) is quite small and will only show two videos and you scroll to see the rest.

I would like to increase the height given to the list at the bottom of the playlist, but there doesn’t appear to be a setting that allows you to set the video height/width and the list height/width.

It is possible to override the default that is created? I notice that the list height is considerably more in some of the default Kaltura players, so I assume it must be possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to give me.



look here:
on MinClips

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Hi Jacki,
As mentioned, the Min clips property defines the minimum number of clips to show. However, this setting will affect the playlist only if the player height is large enough to display the required number of clips. So in Studio, set the Min clips property in the playlist configuration and set the player height in the basic settings panel.


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Hi Amir, many thanks for you help with this. It’s now resolved. I didn’t have auto preview turned on, so when I changed the minimum clips it didn’t reflect in the display.

I’ve created a couple of players now, one for a small number of clips and one for a large number and amended the height as necessary so the space given to the video at the top isn’t too tall or short.