Players in studio won't save/throw uiconf errors


So, I am not sure what happened, but my studio is having issues.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

If I go into the ‘studio’ my customize player says “This player requires updating”. I click the update button, it does it’s thing (and appears successful).

However, when I navigate away and back to studio it requires me to update again.
As such, I can not edit/update this player.

If I create a new player, I have no preview window.
When I save it it says it was successful, however, it also has the "This player requires updating"
If I click update, I get an error that says “Error updating UIConf:”

If i run the sanity check I only have one failure: [check_studio_index_page] [FAILED, RC: 1] - [.476756658]

In the case of an existing player, I’m not seeing any errors
In the case of the new player, kaltlog throws an error.

[Wed Jan 07 13:39:47 2015] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘An error occurred when trying to retrieve uiConfFile’ in /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/modules/KalturaSupport/UiConfResult.php:89\nStack trace:\n#0 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/modules/KalturaSupport/UiConfResult.php(43): UiConfResult->loadUiConf()\n#1 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/modules/KalturaSupport/KalturaCommon.php(122): UiConfResult->__construct(Object(RequestHelper), Object(KalturaClientHelper), Object(KalturaCache), Object(KalturaLogger), Object(KalturaUtils))\n#2 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/includes/Pimple.php(122): {closure}(Object(Pimple))\n#3 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/includes/Pimple.php(83): {closure}(Object(Pimple))\n#4 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/modules/KalturaSupport/apiServices/mweUpgradePlayer.php(10): Pimple->offsetGet(‘uiconf_result’)\n#5 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/services.php(30): mweUpgradePlayer->run()\n#6 /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/services.php(21): mwEmbedApi->handle in /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/v2.24/modules/KalturaSupport/UiConfResult.php on line 89,

Thanks in advance,

edit (more info):

If i pull the records from the ui_conf table, the conf_file_path is for a non-existent file
Is there anything that prevents these files from being written?

The permissions look ok.
The directory is root:kaltura and the files are a mix of root:kaltura and apache:kaltura



The directory where UI confs are written to should have write permissions for ‘apache’ as this is the user who would be writing there.
Does the sanity test for creating a player pass correctly?
Also, can you run kaltlog while creating a player and try to find errors/exceptions?



That did it. The parent directory permissions were wrong. Not sure what broke it.
I suspect Chef “fixed” my apache/kaltura groups so I reinstalled all of the RPMs my web tier.

Thank you.


Happy to help, Adam && glad all is good.