Play Video at specific time


Can anyone guide how to start a video from specific time interval.
Checked this link from one of the post -

The problem here is, it seeks to specified time i.e it buffers video till 30 sec and then starts playing.

I require video to directly start from the particular location. That if specified 30 sec, then it jumps to 30 directly and plays.Rather starting from 0…seeks till 30 and play.

Any help would highly appreciated.


When playing using progressive download, this is the only way.
However, if you play HDS or HLS streams, you can ask the Kaltura server to start at a specific time (or stop at a specific time or both). The server returns only the required trimmed stream and playback starts at the required position treating it as timecode 0.
Demo page:
Look at the “Customize” tab to see the required Flashvars configuration.

Hope that helps,

That works great…

Thank you Amir.!