Parameter value in upload APIs

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I have a question about “resumeAt” parameter of “uploadToken.upload” method in case of a media file is uploaded without file chunk.
In, sample codes set the “resummeAt” to -1.
On the other hand, in and, the sample codes set the “resumeAt” to “null”.
In the PHP and the JavaScript, “null” equals to 0.

Which value should we use for the “resumeAt”?
Or , the value of parameter is not related to the result?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi @t-saito,

resumeAt is only relevant in the event resume is set to true.

To be most strict, if you do not intend to upload in chunks, you best set:


Same as the defaults here:;step=2

See also the high level explanation above the form, which is taken from the comment here:

However, so long as $resume is not set to true, the actual value of $resumeAt does not matter much.

Hello @jess,

Thank you for your kind instruction.
It was good to know the behavior of “uploadToken.upload” method.

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