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In Kaltura you can place subtitles, my question is: Do the subtitles appear as they appear on Youtube? If so, you can click on the text and show the video where that text is found, for example: if I click on the text where the word “Goal” is found, automatically the video places it in the minute 00:05:05.

Hi @ycuartas,

Kaltura supports adding multiple caption [subtitle] assets to any given media entry and has an API for searching for a given term within the caption files. See: The service for handling caption assets is called captionAsset [see].

If you’re using the Kaltura SaaS, Kaltura MediaSpace [KMS] includes a feature that enables searching for terms inside the caption assets; To see it in action, go to and search for “player” for instance. If you click on the time in which the term is said in the search results, playback will commence from that point.