On login have to press enter 4,5 times quickly to login

I am typing correct username and password which was working perfectly, but now I don’t know why it is saying me that I am typing it wrong username or password. also there is an another issue after login on contents it is now saying Internal Server Error. Please help on this quickly, thanks. Below there is a video url how it is working
" https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0bychzyh01oy0s/out-1.ogv?dl=0 "


While making the requests, run:
# kaltlog
in the server’s shell and look at the errors, this will help us better understand the issue.
Then, go to the relevant log under /opt/kaltura/log and look at the lines leading to the final err string.
Also, you can run:
# kaltura-sanity.sh
which runs many tests and can help determine what parts are malfunctioning.