Octoshape and kaltura

I 'm using Octoshape for live streams and I want to use it in Kaltura platform, can I integrate the octoshape livestream service with kaltura SaaS, or can I develope some solution and use it in kaltura SaaS? if not, have I got to install kaltura CE for the integration?


Not familiar with Octoshape but our live streaming feature works against Wowza.
You can read more about it on this page:
This is supported in SaaS of course, for CE, you will need to purchase a Wowza license for yourself.

Hello Jess,
Thanks for your reply. I know that Kaltura works against Wowza, but I 'm going to work with Octoshape because a customer wants to use that cdn (I said him that Kaltura supports Akamai, but he wants Octoshape…). I found an OSMF plugin for the flash player (https://support.octoshape.com/entries/20752576-SDK-Flash-OSMF) but the problem is that require a rare url like this octoshape://streams.octoshape.net/Demo.Trailers_500 (the plugin is activated when recognize an url starts with the word “octoshape”), so I can’t create an entry in the kmc because this is not a valid url. Is it possible create a solution for Kaltura SaaS?. I 'm working in a plugin for enter the Octoshape url in a Kaltura player, but i’m having some problems with the development.
Thanks and i apologize for the inconvenience.


We have a professional services team which does customizations for customer specific requests.
I cannot promise this particular request will be done and it also depends on the amount of money spent but I suggest you contact our sales dept. at corp.kaltura.com so they can make inquiries. Thanks,