Notification on flavor ready

Is it possible to get a notification when a flavor is ready?
should I create a new notification template for this?

Hi @benny_1,

It is most certainly is possible. We have an API called eventNotification which you can use to hook into Kaltura for various events, one of which being when an entry is ready. It has to sub categories: email and HTTP. Email will simply email you when the event happens, HTTP will pass along an array of the relevant parameters [entry_id, status, etc] to whatever URL you provide.

Please see here:

For code examples.

the problem is that an when an entry rady trigger is being fired, there are still other flavors that are being converted.
I need to know when they are also ready.

Hi @benny_1,

There is no trigger for that, I’m afraid. But, you can set the entry ready one, have it sent to some URL where, using the clientlibs, the flavours for the entry are checked for their status, until they are either all ready or set to N/A, which can also happen if the source file cannot be converted to these flavours and then keep probing until all flavours are in their final state.

Alternatively, you can set all flavours as mandatory but I highly recommend you do not, since this will cause an entry to fail completely if one of the flavours cannot be created.

When you get the first “entry ready” on an entry, add it to a queue
for continuous polling (every few minutes), till all flavors are ready(or failed)

yes that’s a good idea but it forces me to write extra code.
if there was something like that in kaltura itself it would have been better.