Noob: trying to find out if it's possible to get just a URL from uploaded video

Please bare with me. I’m super new to Kaltura and have been just thrown into the deep end and am expected to swim… ugh

The project:
I’m an eLearning guy and am building an eLearning Ethics program using Articulate Storyline.
There are a series of video’s that need to added to the program and they are housed and hosted by Kaltura.
The place where this eLearning will live is in a SharePoint server. The server is controlled by outsourced IT group so I wouldn’t be able to make any SharePoint server updates or changes… Fun right?

IE is the standard and recommended browser for the university.

There are 2 ways to add a video into Storyline

  1. you can use the old iframe code
  2. Add a URL (ie: www.
    and that’s it

Once the storyline course has been created it will be hosted in out universities SharePoint server.
If I use the iFrame embed code it works flawlessly in Chrome and in Firefox. But in IE all that appears is a black rectangle where the video should play with no playback.

One of the test I did was trying to use the “View a standalone page with this player” tiny url for the video that I want and it does seem to work in IE the way I need it to.
But I understood that the weblink that shows up there is not persistent and can change.

So was wondering if there is a way to grab the persistent URL of the video with player to try testing with that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m not quite sure what I’m doing :slight_smile: