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Was hoping someone could help clarify a few things for me, and the position / setup of this module in the Kaltura in environment. I want to use the module for it’s adaptive bit rate option for our mobile users. Do these go in front of the front end servers for all media requests, and if so, is it possible to load balance the requests?

In my answer file I used on my other cluster nodes, for NGINX, I used these settings and I’m not sure it’s correct:
WWW_HOST=“nginxhost1” (Should have been a different host? One of my Front end servers? I’m not sure

Thanks for any clarification of the above!


The Nginx can reside on any machine you’d like, provided that the other Kaltura nodes have access to it, and also, that the proper IP range is set in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/local.ini:

;range of ip addresses belonging to internal kaltura servers
;the range is used when checking service actions permissions and allowing to access certain 
;services without KS from the internal servers

internal_ip_range =

The settings you specified above are fine so long as you have a host called nginxhost1, accessible to the front nodes as per the above, where the kaltura-nginx package is installed and the daemon is listening on port 88 [the default when installing].

As for balancing, yes, you can balance them behind an LB, just like you would any other Nginx host.


Thanks again! Thanks to you my Kaltura environment is setup and working… Really looking forward to using the product.

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