Nginx-vod-module proxy_pass and redirect 303

Good afternoon. I am using nginx-vod-module and proxy_pass to remote mp4 file (mapped + remote mode). When a file is given with code 200, everything works fine. But when the remote file is redirected with the code 303 to the new url, it will generate an internal server error.

Nginx error log:

ngx_child_request_wev_handler: upstream returned a bad status 303 while sending to client

How to make it work with a redirect?

Nginx config:
server {
vod_mode mapped;
vod_upstream_location /json;
vod_remote_upstream_location /proxy;

location /json/video/ {
	proxy_pass http://server;

location ~ /proxy/([^/]+)/(.*) {
	proxy_pass $1://$2;

location ~ ^/video/ {
	add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin *;

	vod hls;
	vod_segment_duration 10000;
	vod_align_segments_to_key_frames on;
	vod_manifest_segment_durations_mode accurate;