Nginx VOD module functionality

This is a dumb question but that’s never stopped me before so here it goes.

Does the nginx vod module stand on it’s own or does it require a full Kaltura install?

I’m interested in using it for HLS/DASH support and was under the impression initially that that module was capable of not only creating the manifests but also de-muxing / segmenting the stream data. I was able to create a server to respond with appropriate JSON for a mapped vod_mode and I do get a good manifest back however it appears from all the examples that I need to pass the init/frag requests upstream to a kalapi server even though the source for the module appears to have the necessary functionality built in.

Thanks for your help.


the kalapi directives are only relevant for integration with the Kaltura Server. can work in standalone mode.

If you have a specific technical question about using it as standalone, please post an issue here:

Be sure to go over the README beforehand, we tried documenting most common use cases but of course, any documentation has room for improvement:)