New Player not Working

I have recently installed Kaltura CE, everything appeared to install fine and for the most part everything looks to be working OK. I have uploaded a video and if I go to the video properties in KMC>Content>Entries and click on the Preview and Embed option a flash player is initially shown and the video plays fine. For our purposes we need a player that has an option to download the file so I created a new player in KMC>Studio with the required options however when I go back to the Preview and Embed option for the video and select the new player from the Select Player list the player is displayed but when I click on the play button the video does not play (shows spinning progress image).

The main difference I can see between the new player and the original is that the new player is HTML5 and the old is flash.

Any ideas why this new player will not work?

Hello @HilcrRWise,

The most common reason is that when prompted about the Nginx server, you didn’t provide a domain/host/IP that is accessible from the machines you’re attempting playback from. Another possible reason is you chose a port that is blocked. By default, port 88 TCP is suggested for Nginx over HTTP and 8443 is suggested for HTTPs.

The easiest way to start debugging is by opening a standalone page where the player is embedded [you can see a tiny URL for such a page when going to KMC->Content->Your Entry->Actions->Preview and Embed], opening the browser’s dev tools and looking under the “Console” and “Network” tabs for failing requests and errors.

If in doubt, feel free to paste a sample URL here and I’ll help you look.

It was the blocked port. I opened port 88 on the Linux install and the videos started working correctly.