Need: Simple guid to setup kaltura player

I spend my whole day to find if i can setup player , but i couldn’t find where to start.
I need to integrate kaltura player in a webpage. i need to have its plugins like vast, thumbnail, hls and …
Witch product is player ?!
i need a step by step guide , or a simple html page that have just kaltura player and its plugins.

something like

i need player only (JS,CSS,HTML) and not anything else… i found many php files and linux packages in packages that confused me…

Thanks all

Hi @EhsanCh please see
You have samples in

It seems it is for videos that hosted by kaltura.
we need to host JS and VIDOE ourself.

witch JS should i upload and what is tag for it ?
where should i put link in the code?

Hi @ehabbestad - the kaltura player is part of the kaltura platform.
You can host the kaltura CE platform and ingest your sources via the platform and use the player for that media.
See for more info.

So , Isn’t it available as a Standalone video player ?