mwEmbedFrame.php not loading with https

It seems that the ‘’ can only work with http and not with https. My website is on https and presently video player does not come on site, due to firefox blocking mixed content (http content on https page). Isn’t mwEmbedFrame.php hosted for https as well? How to load kaltura video on https page with mwEmbedFrame?

You’re not supposed to load the mwEmbedFrame from this site. This is just a demo.You;re supposed to load it from kaluras’ CDN

What is the level of integration of kaltura player with AngularJS?
Trying to setup kaltura video player on my h ttps website based on this example: 'http ://
However this is not working due to mixed content. What is the equivalent for these urls for secure h t t p s:,,
h t t p://,
h t tp://,
h ttp://

Please help.


I am not sure I understand… you need to either host the Kaltura platform, which includes the HTML5 lib on your server or else, use our SaaS in which case, you will need to have a paid account. Then you can use HTTPs either with or https://your-host

@oferc1 do you have the urls for kaltura’s cdn for mwEmbedFrame ? I do not want to use iFrame based solution.

As Jess asked do you use the SaaS, or you own platform?
In any case when you do “Preview” on a clip (in KMC) you have several options to embed?
If non of them suites you just use the development tools (in chrome) to see where the mwEmebdFrame is being loaded from (when you use the dynamic method)