Missed Legacy Flash Streaming (RTMP) option

I installed current 12.0.0 kaltura-server and in KMC Missed Legacy Flash Streaming (RTMP) option. What´s wrong? I try enable all features in the Kaltura Administration Console, but no effect.
I want to intergat kaltura and red5 ,but there is no rtmp option here.

please help me thx!!!


If you’re talking about Live Streaming, that will not work with Red5. The Kaltura Live Streaming requires Wowza at the moment, though we are working on a version that will work on top of Nginx [using mod rtmp] instead.
For more info, see this thread:

Red5 can still be used for webcam recording via KMC, if that’s of any interest.

thank you very much .i will try.In fact my requirement is receiving a arbitrary rtmp stream and record it.