Media Repurposing - Testing

Hey all,

I’m playing with the media re-purposing functionality. Just trying to get a basic example to work and I’m not sure I’m getting the right output

I have a basic MR that should just list all video assets and send an email. I see in the kscheduledtaskdryrunner log that it seems all the assets have been returned, but the results file just has this line in it.


Is this correct? I am expecting to see maybe a list of assets in the output file, but that could be wrong.

I’m also not getting an email but that may be a configuration issue.

So I guess a good question might be, how would you configure a media re-purposing profile that would demonstrate the basic functionality of the feature? I feel like I just need something to use as an example.

Hi @david.hahn1,

I’m afraid that line by itself does not help much:)
Please reschedule a dry run and email me [since it will contain some sensitive data] the full /opt/kaltura/log/batch/kscheduledtaskdryrunner*%Y-%m-%d*.log files [there could be more than one since fatal errors go into a separate file].
As well as the output for:

mysql> select * from scheduled_task_profile where id=$YOUR_PROFILE_ID\G

$YOUR_PROFILE_ID is displayed under admin_console/index.php/plugin/MediaRepurposingListAction/filter_type/partnerIdEqual/filter_input/$PARTNER_ID

and also:

mysql> select * from metadata_profile where partner_id=$PARTNER_ID and system_name="MRP"\G

We can pick it up from there.
Note that scheduling a dry run disables the profile so you will need to re-enable it afterwards.

Thanks Jess, I will shoot you an email!

Hi Dave,

Just want to make sure you got my email…


Hey @jess,

Yes, thank you, I did get your email. I haven’t had a moment to gather more information just yet.

I will get to it by the end of this week or mid week next week as I will be on leave in the early part of the week. Thanks so much for your support.