Media Gallery in Moodle

Hi, we have Moodle LMS and have an issue relevant to all Moodle instances which is when we roll over a topic to create a new site for the next semester the videos do not appear in the new Media Gallery. Everything is still embedded in context which is great but the media vault is empty. This means we don’t have analytics and TCs can’t move videos in the topic which aren’t their own. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Hi Claire,
Good to hear from you.
Upon roll over a topic (course), you may use the ‘import’ option under the course settings to import the media vault from the original course’s media vault. more information is here -
(please make sure the ‘importchannel’ module in enabled beforehand).

Hello Eli, We’ve using the import setting on each individual media gallery but we were curious if any institutions have an automated or bulk work around. We’re reviewing everything at the moment so will look into the link. Thanks! Claire