M2TS to Premiere Pro

I’ve read everywhere here that as long as you have CS4, your .m2ts files should import fine in Premiere Pro. I have CS4 and the files won’t import. it gives me an error saying “File Format Not Supported”, and it’s not what other people are doing probably. everyone else is probably importing from their camera. I have the file literally on my desktop right now. it’s a .m2ts file. i can’t get it in premiere at all. i’m running CS4 on OS X. Any solution?


What is CS4 and how does it relate to Kaltura?

Adobe Create Suite. (http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs4-product-downloads.html)
But I think this should be asked in Adobe forum, not here.

Thanks, Ofer. @chris198810 - please post only Kaltura related posts on this forum.