Looking for wordpress designer, expert in latura pulgin

Hi there,
I am working on a project that requires a simple website, that displays video files, and video posts.
I have found Kaltura plugin, fits for my needs.
I am looking for an experient wordpress-Katura programmer inorder to have this job done.
If you are interested, or just wanna help me- please mail me to :chetrity@gmail.com

BTW- I am a designer myself, but it taks some time to study the features, but if you think differently and give me advice or resource, that would be very appricaited


Hi Yaniv,
We are always ready for another Kaltura adventure.

Hello Ronileco1,

Can u help me to setup this plugin on wordpress.
It’s version (2.4) not working when we edit the video,all showing blank when we play video after merge the video.

Thanks in advance.

Hi greeting, wish you luck.
introduce my self jasa desain logo