Live streaming working great

Dear Kalturaians,

Just wanted to make a shout out to the wonderful Jess!

Even on a French keyboard and not so obvious OS :wink: she managed to explain how to setup a complete live streaming setup.

Thanks Jess!!

Hi @jdeproost,

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated:)

Happy videoing,

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Only thing to figure out now is how to use Open Broadcaster Software to live stream to Kaltura.
FFMpeg works great.

The fragments de appear in /var/tmp/hlsme as:
-54.ts -55.ts -56.ts -57.ts -58.ts -59.ts -60.ts -61.ts -62.ts
But no manifest and the name is missing from the files…


Thanks again!

Hi @jdeproost,

I’ll also give a try later today and let you know as to my findings.

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Hi @jdeproost,

I just tried OBS [obs-studio] and it worked well for me.
It has a LOT of nice options so I’ll provide the ones I used and then maybe you can provide yours so I can try to reproduce.
In the Live Stream entry, provided the following stream URL: http://jessex:88/hlsme/obs.m3u8
On OBS->Settings->Stream:
Stream Type: Custom Streaming Server
URL: rtmp://jessex:1935/kLive/
Stream Key: obs

For sources, I used both Media Source [providing a local video file] and Screen Capture (XSHM).
Both worked well.

Can you share the settings you used? Also, upon playback, I recommend you open the browser’s dev tools and take a look at the requests being made, in particular, the manifest request [in my case http://jessex:88/hlsme/obs.m3u8].

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Also, just to make sure, when you say:

You mean /var/tmp/hlsme/$STREAM_NAME.m3u8 was not created?

Great that’s it, it works now!! :relieved:
I did not think of using the “file/streamname” as the “Stream key” :blush:

Thanks again Jess!!

Most welcome && glad we’re good:)