Live streaming using kaltura live streaming (hds/hls/dash)

Not able to create Live Stream by following steps as given in below link:

When I generate export.xml file as per the given steps, and open it from the FMLE application the it prompts for error in the xml file.

rtmp URL in the file is as below, which I think is creating the problem.

Primary URL:
Backup URL:

As given in other posts this problem is related to Red5, and to fix this we need to first get Recording from KMC working. Which is working properly in my case and I am able to record from a connected camera and also able to successfully upload recorded flv from KMC.

** Another things is: **
I am not able to see installer list when i visit “” page from the Red5 configuration page, application installer page list is empty.

I some how manually installed the oflaDemo application and when I visit the page “”, then after I get two video windows and after selecting play error:

[Server.Reject]: (_defaultRoot_._defaultVHost_):Application (oflaDemo) is not defined.

Is it that these problems are because of Red5 is not configured properly?

Same situation here!

Looks like I am missing steps given in the link below:

But I am stuck on the first step, as the file /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/config/kConfLocal.php which we need to modify is missing and not found.

Can someone please let know the correct steps.


For Live Streaming, only Wowza is supported at this time.
Please see:

For cam recording you can still use Red5, see here: