Live streaming using FMLE + Wowza and Kaltura

I am Trying to do a live streaming using FMLE + Wowza + Kaltura.

I have followed all the steps as given in the link below and also these steps are suggested by “jess” in some other posts in this forum.

After restarting the server, i opened the Wowza engine manager page by visiting

I was able to see kLive application, and there was one warning about Streaming File Directory not found.
As per the link it should be @WEB_DIR@/content/recorded (steps related to ln -s are bit confusing and i was not having recorded directory in kaltura content folder), i changes it to Default, and issue resolved.

After that I Opened KMC and created live entry and then generated xml file with primary and secondary servers.

And then after opened this file from FMLE and selected connect button and it got connected successful.

But i am not able to start the streaming, as i am getting below error:

Problem publishing at Primary Server. Unable to publish 0_3iexc2m4_1, 0_3iexc2m4_2, 0_3iexc2m4_3 streams either due to Network Problem at server, the stream names being used are busy, or you are not authorized to publish to this server. Please check the network connection with server, try publishing with other stream names, or contact your FMS administrator for help.

When i connect from FMLE to Wowza 1935 port then in Wowza engine manager under application monitoring i see connection count as 1, But I am not able to start the stream from FMLE.

in logs kaltura_mediaserver_access.log i get error as

[xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx][main][com.wowza.wms.logging.WMSLogger:log] WARN - Bind failed, try again ([any]:443): Address already in use - (

What might be the problem.

Note: My red5 is not running, as I stopped it to avoid port conflict.



You should replace the ‘@WEB_DIR@’ placeholder with /opt/kaltura/web.
It is important that it writes there and not outside the kaltura tree.

After doing this, recheck and let me know.
As far as the can’t bind, perhaps an old err? You can check with:
# netstat -plntu | grep 1935
The take the PID and look it up at the ps output to make sure it belongs to Wowza but my guess the problem is what I mentioned above.

Yes I am using /opt/kaltura/web instead of @WEB_DIR@ on all places.

But in my kaltura /opt/kaltura/web/content directory there was not any dir named recorded so when Wowza engine manager gave me error i kept it as default.

Is it that i need to create new directory called record and then do ln -s. There are two ln -s one of them is content/recorded/content where i am confused. how it is used by kaltura and wowza?
It will be very helpful if you can list down steps clearly, related to record folder, what need to be created and what need to be ln -s.

and about # netstat -plntu | grep 1935 Wowza process is listing on this port.

Yes, you need to create the dir.
Give it 777 for testing, then we can refine.

Created dir named @WEB_DIR@/content/recorded and then done ln -s but still same issue.

also in logs “kaltura_mediaserver_access.log” i get error as:

[xxxx-xx-xx xx:xx:xx][main][com.wowza.wms.logging.WMSLogger:log] WARN - Bind failed, try again ([any]:443): Address already in use - (

I don’t know if you overcame this, I just installed this myself with these instructions.
I had to log into my Wowza management console (http://:8088) and go to the applications tab, choose your application, edit that applicaiton and in the RTMP section allow to RTMP, by default RTMP streaming is blocked on Wowza applications.


There have been major changes to Kaltura CE since these instruction were posted. First major change is you can stream live with Kaltura CE with out Wowza since Kaltura CE Release 12.12.0.

Next, since Kaltura CE allows streaming through NGINX you either have to change the default streaming port on Kaltura CE NGINX/Wowza configuration since both cannot run on port 1935 at sametime, or bind Wowza to different IP address other than the one used by Kaltura CE to resolve the port conflict.

Hope this information was helpful.