Live Stream Captioning

I have been pushing a live feed from Wowza to a Kaltura stream target. The feed has 608 captions embedded and they display in JW Player and are received by YouTube and added to the processed on demand version of the YouTube live feed, (even though they are not displayed in the YouTube live feed), so I know they are being pushed out through the stream target feed from Wowza.

My question is this what does Kaltura need to display captions on a live feed from Wowza? The Kaltura website says that captions on live feeds are possible. What does Kaltura need to make this happen? Is there documentation available, and is anyone else successfully doing this?

It has been almost 2 months since my initial post. Is there any progress on captioning of live streams?

Hello @Williams,

My apologies for the delay in response. Managed to miss your original post.
I am afraid this is not supported. Can you please point me to where it says it is on the Kaltura site? I’ll make sure it is corrected.

Thanks in advance,