Live Clipping Feature


I am new to Kaltura.

I would like to use the live clipping functionality to create a VOD sub clip from an ongoing live stream.

Is this possible? I can’t seem to get it function correctly.

Thanks Stream007

Hello @Stream007,

When you create a new live entry, you can check “Enable Recording”, this will create a VOD entry out of the stream. You can either choose to create a new VOD entry per streaming session or concatenate all streaming sessions into one entry.
Then, once the streaming session is over, you can perform the same operations on the resulting entry as you would any other VOD entry, that includes clipping.



Thanks for the answer @jess I have a few more questions because I am not clear.

Is it possible to do the following:

Run a live stream. While that live stream is running I want to set and In and Out point on, say, the first ten minutes of the stream. I want to clip up that section as VOD with the resulting clip having all the characteristics of any other VOD clip. The use case would be to highlights from a keynote address WHILE the key note address is still running.


Stream 007.

Hello @Stream007,

You can only operate on the recorded entry once the stream has ended so I’m afraid this is impossible.
That said, once the session is over, you can certainly clip segments and post these, as I explained in my original reply.