List categories empty?

I could not see any category after creating category from http://mydomain/index.php/kmc/kmc4#content|categories .
While I saw it exists in database kaltura.category.
I checked grep ‘ERROR’ /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_api_v3.log but no error showed.
This problem by setting or enything else?
Please help me. Thanks


What’s the category status in the DB? If the status is 2 and it does not show in KMC, the most likely reason is that Sphinx and the operational DB are not synchronised. Make sure all Sphinx instances you have [you did not state whether this is a cluster deployment or not, if it is a standalone then there is only one Sphinx of course] are running and accessible and if they are, try to reindex them using /opt/kaltura/bin/

Thank you very much.

After I re-run /opt/kaltura/bin/ with $APP_DIR/deployment/base/scripts/populateSphinxCategories.php

I got this error:

2016-09-28 13:25:46 [kSphinxSearchManager->execSphinx] ERR: exception 'Exception' with message 'unknown column: 'aggregation_categories'' in /opt/kaltura/app/infra/log/KalturaLog.php:83
Stack trace:
#0 /opt/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/lib/kSphinxSearchManager.php(441): KalturaLog::err('unknown column:...')
#1 /opt/kaltura/app/plugins/sphinx_search/lib/kSphinxSearchManager.php(502): kSphinxSearchManager->execSphinx('replace into ka...', Object(category))
#2 /opt/kaltura/app/deployment/base/scripts/populateSphinxCategories.php(34): kSphinxSearchManager->saveToSphinx(Object(category), true)
#3 {main}

I dont know where column: ‘aggregation_categories’’ locate.
Can you help?

HI @phong_hunterist,

Seems like you have performed a half finished upgrade, which would account for that.
I suggest you upgrade by following the steps here:

After doing so, if you still have issues, let me know.

No lucky. Its still have problem.
But when I came back to old database on August, I could list all category. I dont know why?
Any idea? Thanks.