Large html5lib in Kaltura CE- Are all versions actually needed?

I would have thought github is the right place to raise this issue but was not sure whether to raise it in mwembed or platform-installation-packages, so putting it here for appropriate inputs.

When installing or upgrading the Kaltura installation, kaltura-html5lib is the largest of the downloaded packages. When I looked into it’s contents, it seems to contain 6 different versions of html5lib.

From whatever little I could trace, it seems only the latest is being used. Are the others there for backward compatibility? Is it possible to drop the non-essential ones?

Hi Shaktidhar,

You guessed correctly. Indeed for backward compat.
Since the embed codes use a specific uiconf which includes a specific html5 lib version, this is a must, otherwise, older embeds will break.


Ok, Thanks.
So it is correct to assume that in new installations we can drop these?

Ok, Ignore my previous question. I think the answer is obvious. Internally some plugins and modules might be using those uiconfs as well.