kWidget playlist not auto playing

I have used code for a playlist with no clip from kaltura(reference link)

I picked up the following code from embed tab(below is the script tag), but the video does not auto play.

targetId: “kaltura_player_1441804134454”,
wid: “_243342”,
uiconf_id: “25975211”,
entry_id: “0_swup5zao”,
flashvars: {
“playlistAPI”: {
“includeInLayout” : false,
“autoContinue” : true,
“autoPlay” : true,
“loop” : true,
“kpl0Url” : “{ks}”,
“kpl0Name” : “simple two clip pl”
“nextPrevBtn”: {

Help will be appreciated.


IN KMC, got to the Studio tab and select your player, according to your embed code, its ID is 25975211.
Under Basic Display, make sure to check ‘Automatically play video on page load’.
Should do it.

Thanks.Got it to work. :slight_smile: