KS with privileges


I need to perform some queries from javascript.
I want to create a KS with as little privileges as possible.

How can I do that?
using the privileges parameter in the session->start?

maybe creating a new user with less privileges in the KMC?

Hi @benny_1,

You haven’t specified exactly what sort of queries you need to perform but in general, yes, you should create a KS with lower privileges by passing one of the below values in the ‘privileges’ param when calling session->start(). You can also set a short KS expiry date [default is 1 day or 86400 seconds]:

Depending on your use case, you may also be interested in the appToken API, for more info on that, see:


I need to be able to get an entry info like name, tags and so forth.

I think I will use session->startWidgetSession