KS string expires after 24 hours

I’m using loginByLoginId to sign in a user and I have set the expiry time to 864000, which is 100 days.

        ks = client.getUserService().loginByLoginId(emailString, passwordString, PARTNER_ID, 8640000, "disableentitlement");

I store and I use the same KS
yet after 24 hours the KS string is not valid ( I’m getting : com.kaltura.client.KalturaApiException: Invalid KS "EXPIRED", Error "-1,INVALID_STR" )

Is there anything I’m missing?

Nothing you’re missing. 86400 is just the biggest expiry rate you can provide. If you provide anything higher than that, it gets set to 86400. This happens here:

On Kaltura’s SaaS,

myPartnerUtils::getExpiry ( $partner_id );

will always be 86400. If you’re running on CE or OnPrem, you can change the limit to a higher number but frankly, I would really not recommend it.

What’s your reasoning for wanting such a long lasting KS in the first place?