KMC loading error #1085

I have set up my own Kaltura CE version and encountered an error pop up that says:

KMC.mxml, KMC uiconf load failed: Error #1085.

I tried to google for the error number - no success.
I tried to look for a file named: “*.mxml” and didn’t find one.
I tried searching for relevat logs - also didn’t worked out so great.
I wanted to debug the server or the client and had a difficult time doing so.

  1. Is there a kaltura error reference guide to seek for this specific error?
  2. If not, what does it mean?
  3. I wanted to debug the client side and to do that i wanted to disable the minification. How can I do that?



When making the request, please run:
# kaltlog
on the server and paste output.

In parallel, please run an HTTP sniffer on your client end and check for the HTTP request RCs.