KMC appears to have hung


I am having an issue with the ZMC page. When I login the app rather than seeing a list of all the imported costs u get a blank page with the word “Loading” in the top left corner of the page along with a spinning image.




Not sure what you mean by ‘a list of all the imported costs’ means, do you mean you’re not seeing a list of entries?
In any case, I suggest you open your browser’s dev tools and look under the “network” and “console” for errors.
In parallel, on the server side, run:
# kaltlog
and if the error is not obvious by then, paste it here:)


Apologies, that is an appaling typo in my original post costs should have been videoxs. No I’ve mo idea why i typed costs either!!

I’ve run the page now in IE and Firefox with deve tools running and the only issue that is obvious is a 404 error when attempting to load kmc.swf. I assume this has always loaded ok in the past having never seen this message before. Is there anyway of reinstating this file?

I am struggling with access to our server as the admin is away at the moment leaving me, the developer with restricted access, to look after things. If/when I can access the server I will post the contents of the log.


Hi Steve,

Indeed, if kmc.swf cannot be loaded, nothing in KMC will work, as its the main file.
It should be under /opt/kaltura/web/flash/kmc/v$KMC_VERSION/

When you obtain access take a look at that. Perhaps someone deleted it?