Katura CE configuration error

I am getting following error:
Fatal error: Class ‘KalturaConfiguration’ not found in
on line 152

Installation details: Drupal 7, Kaltura CE Installed on localhost/dev (site name dev)

I have installed PHP5 (Kaltura Client) in sites/all/libraries/KalturaClient

Crossdonaim.xml is in root directory.

Configuration page: Server url: localhost/dev

I have tried a number of time but without success. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


At what point do you get this error?
Also, how is Kaltura installed: deb packages, RPMs? what version have you deployed?

Thanks jess;

  1. I get the error immediately I fill in configuration page in Drupal. This page requires pointing where Katura is installed, and requires Partner No. (BTW any way to lookup if I am using correct no?)
  2. Kaltura 7.x-3.1 module. Within Drupal there are 3 sub headings (Fields, Media View, Module) to check in Drupal module list page… All checked.
  3. I installed “Kaltura” package from Drupal (do not know difference deb, RPM etc). This is among several packages (media kaltura, jquery etc).



Sorry but I don’t understand. You wrote:
“Kaltura CE Installed on localhost/dev (site name dev)”
My question is, therefore, what Kaltura CE version did you install? Kaltura CE installation instructions can be found here:

If, instead, you intend to work with the Kaltura SaaS, then you need to create an account at kaltura.com and then, when logged into your KMC, under Settings->integration settings you will see a partner ID and admin secret which are required for the Drupal integration.