Kanalony Analytics

Hello Jess

We have been working on improving the live analytics module and would like to know the state of Kanalony.

Is it possible to test it right now ? Is it licensed under GLPV3 as the other modules ?

I noticed that the installation instructions are not directly available (even with an Atlassian account).

We are interested to have it installed for us as a payed service if someone in the forum has already done it.

Thanks in advance for any help,



Hello David,

Yes, Kanalony is licensed under AGPLv3. I just added a LICENSE file to the repo, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

You are free to use it as is but I must inform you that it is not being actively maintained nor is it officially supported with CE as I wrote in this thread:

Thank you Jess,

We’l give it a try and let everybody know about the results.



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