Kaltura's two different iOS SDK and its implementation

According to Kaltura documentation : http://knowledge.kaltura.com/kaltura-player-sdk-ios

There are two ways to install Kaltura SDK, one is pod and other is traditional way to drag and drop Kaltura SDK.

1)Traditional Way : GitHub kaltura player sdk, has KPViewController class, which is used to play video as per the documents. but not having KalturaPlayer class

2)POD installation : pod ‘player-sdk-native-ios’, ‘~> 1.1’ they provided KalturaPlayer class which is not present in GitHub link

And [[KPViewController alloc] initWithURL:iFrameURL]; gives the error KPViewController doesnt have initWithURL method.

3)according to demo app : https://github.com/kaltura/IOSReferenceApp they have installed the sdk traditional way but yet they have KalturaPlayer class. And drawPlayer method from MediaInfoViewController_iPhone.m has implementation of playing video ,yet it is not playing video for me, so i m directly calling a method playButtonPressed from same class, which calls method playVideo from PlayerViewController_iPhone class and it plays video but the methdod playVideo opens MPMoviePlayerViewController which is different from KalturaPlayer

So which SDK should i use and if use POD sdk then is it the right way to play the Video because it plays in MPMoviePlayerViewController rather than KPViewController ?

Please help.