Kaltura virtual host problem

I recently installed kaltura on my centos 6.5 using a subdomain .
I could see the kaltura start page on subdomain but same page was appearing on the main domain on same web server.
So I added virtual host entry for domain to point correct web directory and restarted apache. This time, both domains were loading same page which wasn’t kaltura.

If I am not making any sense, I want a server configured such that subdomain.abc.com will open kaltura page and abc.com should open main site pages.

Please help me doing the same as I am not much aware of kaltura installation.

Hi, You might need to reinstall and set the right domain name on the installation itself.

If you installed it on a different domain the fastest / easiest way is to install a new copy on the right domain.


If you want Kaltura to be on a sub domain that is no problem at all.
Simply re-run the kaltura-config-all.sh script and provide the sub domain as service URL.
No need to reinstall the whole thing for it.

If you still have issues after that, please paste output for:
# apachectl -t -DDUMP_VHOSTS

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