Kaltura Video Platform editing video capabilities

Hi all,

I’d like to ask you about Kaltura capabilities when it comes to editing video content.
Is it possible to:

  • use multiplexing (mix a few audio/video tracks) or combine a few videos into one (unlike in playlist where they’re separate)

  • create a player that recognizes if it plays audio or video track and minimizes video window when it’s necessary

  • create a player where user is allowed to choose several audio or video tracks (they may differ by translation for example)

Thanks in advance!

  • For basic edits we support basic clipping, unfortunately none of the other more advanced editing is supported at the moment.
  • Good idea could be an addition to mpeg-dash player to recognize that your in a non-active tab and then start only grabbing audio data. …but we don’t presently support that.
  • This is in development from a few different angles, including HLS and flash support. This is also something mpeg dash makes possible.

Michael could you tell how to add alternative audio to the existing entry?
So i can invoke audioSelector plugin and switch for example from english to spanish